Waltech Associates

Waltech Associates

Waltech Associates, celebrating close to 20 years in providing software solutions.  We provide a selection of productivity improvement software programs for Electrical Design, Electrical Simulation, Ladder Logic Design,  Process Instrumentation simulation, PLC, and other technical & training software packages.Typical users include: Electrical contractors, Electricians, Electrical designers, Engineering and Instrumentation personnel. Automotive manufacturers, Electrical utilities, Food Processors, Manufacturing plants, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater facilities, and many other industries.

Our Products

The Constructor Version 13:  Create, test and print Electrical Ladder Diagrams. Once designed, any ladder diagram can then be virtually energized and operated on your computer. Ideal for building control circuits, troubleshooting and also for teaching, training, and "what if " scenario's. An electrical design and simulation software program used by contractors, electricians, manufacturers, maintenance dept's, panel designers, utilities, industries etc.

* All new version 3.0 The Residential Wire Pro Contractor Ver 3.0,  allows electricians, contractors and technicians to draw detailed electrical floor plans with power, low voltage and structured wiring symbols. In addition other information can be generated such as labels, simple invoice and estimate sheets.

Wade Associates--PC-ControLAB.
Instrumentation, Process Control training, simulation software.
MC Trainer - Motor Control Trainer
PLC Trainer - Tutorial software for PLC training
CLX Trainer - Tutorial software for Logix training
View (HMI) Trainer - HMI Training Software, covers RS View 32 Works
VFD Trainer - (VFD) Variable Frequency Drives Tutorial

Waltech Associates
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